Friday, November 21, 2003

Braca po materi (Maternal Half Brothers) on DVD

now available from DS Sound ~ with English, French and German subtitles! No region encoding. PAL/NTSC. And the original theatrical trailer

The video quality isn't pristine, but it's better than the tape I have.

The DVD conversion was done recently enough that it lists "Disi duboko" in Mira's credits on the DVD.

It's a rather interesting role for Mira as she ages about 40 years in the movie. She's actually dead when the film begins and we only ever see her through the memories of her two sons. One is Croat, the other Serb, and they are some 20 years apart in age.

Bogdan Diklic (Mira's co-star from Disi duboko) is in it, as is (briefly) a *very* young Goran Visnjic, in what was probably his first film role.

Hopefully more of Mira's films will be put out in this format.