Tuesday, June 15, 2004

"Cao Inspektore" now available on DVD

In all honestly I think that this movie is utter trash, but there are so few of Mira's films currently available with English subtitles, I'm passing the word along.

After I'd first saw it a few years ago I wondered if it was really as homophobic and misogynistic as it appeared to be, or that possibly because of the language barrier I was missing something. Having now seen it with sub-titles. I can report that my original conclusion was correct.

The video quality of this DVD is not great, I don't think they cleaned up much of the film at all. My original tape was dark, and they appeared to have lightened it a bit, but the flaws that were on the tape are still present on the DVD. I'd say the quality was only marginally better than the tape, I was definitely underwhelmed.

Mira plays the Inspektore's girlfriend, and I swear that she's only there so that we know he's not *really* gay.

Two redeeming qualities about this film - Mira's in it and the scenery in places is great.


Also available on DVD with English subtitles from DSSound
- "Braca po materi"