Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mira Furlan - Upcoming work

Mira will be returning to Hawaii to shoot an episode of LOST, in the very near future. She isn't a large part of this episode, but it seems to be a setup for possible future storylines.

And!! :-)

In the beginning of the year, Mira will be shooting a movie in the US. It's an independent production, with a script she likes, and apparently the producers asked for her, rather than her having to audition for it. As I get more releasable details on this project I will be passing them on.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mira's movies

This has been coming up from a few fans in a few places - so I'm reposting it here:

Pretty much NOTHING of Mira's ex-Yugoslavian stuff is available with ENGLISH subtitles.

The 5 exceptions being:
Otac na sluzbenom putu (When Father Was Away on Business)
The VHS tape that was issued by Fox Lorber and Koch Lorber's DVD release have subtitles. Most video rental places with a half-decent collection of foreign films will probably have Koch Lorber's VHS release in their foreign film collection. But, there are also VHS tapes and DVD's that were issued in Serbia that do not have subtitles on them.

U raljama zivota (In the Jaws of Life)
The tape that is available from Facets Video in Chicago
http://www.facets.org $29.95
There are other releases of this film both on VHS tape and on DVD that do not have English subtitles on them.

Braca po materi (Maternal Halfbrothers)
The DVD release has subtitles - but is missing some of the scenes that were on the VHS tape that does NOT have subtitles.

Cao Inspektore
Which is a really crappy (homophobic, misogynistic) movie, has subtitles on the DVD release. Personally I'd pass, unless you have a lot of her other movies already.

Video jela, zelen bor (Dear Video) - directed by Mira's husband Goran Gajic.
The tape that Mira sold at conventions back in 1997 had subtitles - these are now rarer than hen's teeth - haven't seen one on ebay in at least 2 years. Rumours are that this film may be released in Serbia in the foreseeable future, but I have no information about whether it will have English subtitles on it, I'm assuming NOT until I hear for sure otherwise.

That is the whole complete and entire list of Mira's movies that are/were available with English subtitles. And that explains a lot about why I have been trying to learn Serbo-Croatian.

There is an English DUB issued in Taiwan of Put na jug (El Camino del Sur, Southbound). But it does not have the original soundtrack (with Mira's voice) on it. Sometimes it turns up on ebay *really* cheaply.

There are also a few French and German DUBS of a few of her films out there. Any film that has been DUBBED into French, German or English, also has a version available on either tape or DVD or both with the original soundtrack and Mira's voice on it. Mira did NOT do any of the dubs. If you are going to watch Mira's films in a language you don't understand, go for the version with the original soundtrack. Check either the IMDb http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001245/ or my list here http://www.zlatna.com/celebration/mfilmo.html to make sure that you are getting the original Yugoslavian title, and not one of the dubs (unless you are at least relatively fluent in the language the film is dubbed into).

There are a lot of her films that are now available out of Serbia on DVD, and more appearing all the time. Many are Region 2, some are Region 0. Assume that they do NOT have English subtitles on them.