Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Turneja" ("The Tour")

Mira leaves for Serbia and Bosnia within the week to begin filming a new movie called "Turneja" ("The Tour") written and directed by Goran Markovic. The screenplay for the film is based on Mr. Markovic's award winning stage play of the same name. One of Serbia's best known film directors, he was the creative force behind such films as "Tito i Ja", "Kordon" (winner of the grand prize at the Montreal Film Festival in 2002), "Nacionalna klasa" and "Majstori, majstori". He's a director who understands actors, being the son of Rade and Olivera Markovic two very well known Serbian actors

The plot of the film involves a group of actors on tour out of Belgrade in 1993 who get caught up in the conflict in Bosnia. It is not so much a story of the war, as it is the story of the actors.

The cast includes Dragan Nikolic, Svetozar Cvetkovic, Josif Tatic, Vojislav Brajovic, Jelena Djokic, and Tihomir Stanic.

Filming on the project begins December 21st, 2007 and will conclude at the end of February 2008.